Construction Tips

PIC Programming Tutorial

PC-Based Oscilloscope (and more)

PC-Based Excel Datalogging

Internet Data Acquisition

Morse code beacon/keyboard

Morse code keyboard (pdf)

Serial data with Visual Basic

Servo Robot

Real World Control with JavaScript

Introduction to Programmable Logic

Designing with Xilinx Programmable Logic

Designing with Altera Programmable Logic

Using Xilinx WebPack Verilog

Using Forth with the PIC

Free Basic Stamp Projects

Get on RTTY this Weekend for $12

A Nearly Free 5V, 12V Regulated Power Supply

Using a UART with a Basic Stamp

Q: I need an op amp, but I only have a + supply. What can I do?

Easy PCB Tips (Updated 10/6/2000)

Easy RF Prototyping with Copper Tape

A Cheap RF Remote Control

A Review of the Weller WLC100 Soldering Station

A Review of the Elenco M-1700 Digital Multimeter

Selecting Capacitors

Basic Circuit Analysis (LEDs, voltage dividers, etc.)

Replacing a TS570 battery

PSK31SBW Add-on (type ahead and macros for PSK)