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Weather Radio

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Weather Radio

If you live in a storm-prone area, this is a must-have and quite inexpensive. This little AM/FM radio can also pick up the National Weather Service. Of course, not too many people sit around and listen to the weather, so this radio can automatically turn on when there is a special alert (in other words, bad weather you want to know about). Imagine sleeping through a tornado. This radio could save your life! Could be the best $20 or so you've ever invested.

bullet10-channel weather and all-hazard radio with AM/FM
bulletAutomatic alert with 90 dB siren
bulletInstant weather reports with the push of a button
bulletBattery backup for operation during power outages
bulletSupplied with telescopic antenna and power supply

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You can also check out this version that has a SAME decoder that allows you to only get alarms for a very specific area. Without SAME you might get an alert for a tornado in North Houston, but you only want to know about South Houston weather. SAME is good if you live in an area where the weather is often different on one side of town from the other. In practice, I prefer to know when the weather is bad even if it is near by.

SAME version