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MINDSTORMS Droid Developer Kit


Patrick and I built this one.

Has all the parts you need for this one too!

Last year I taught a robot class at an elementary school one day a week. We used several kinds of robots, but the kids were invariably fascinated by the Mindstorm robots. Why? Because they are the same Lego parts they've played with for years. Suddenly your Lego toys can come to life.

This kit is even better because it ties in the Star Wars theme -- something every kid already loves. Robots, Legos, Star Wars -- what more do you want?

Recommended for kids 9 and up (yeah right, this is for your kid -- I understand) it won the Parents award for being one of the best educational toys around. The computer module is easy to use and teaches how robots perform steps (programming). You can learn a lot about robotics too. Why would you use small wheels instead of large wheels? How does the robot know where he is? Lots of fun questions to answer.

And when I wrote this, the price was only $29.95 -- over 600 pieces, Microscout controller (chunk it and put in a Basic Stamp)... I don't know how long it will last! The regular price is around $80, so you should hurry!


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