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You can search the Web using Overture. This page will remember your searches so you can repeat your search later! Try it. Or read the FAQ.

Unfortunately, Overture has informed us that they will soon discontinue the search facility that drives MySearch. Look for MySearch 2.0 soon!

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FAQ about MySearch

Q: Why do my searches at work not show up on my computer at home?
A: MySearch stores your searches in a local cookie. This ensures your privacy, but it means that each user on each computer has their own search memory.

Q: How many searches can I save?
A: Local cookies are limited to 4Kbytes by the Web browser. Each search requires enough storage to hold the title, the search words, and the last time and date searched. You can probably store around 40 average searches before you reach this limit.

Q: MySearch doesn't work. Why not?
A: MySearch requires a recent browser and requires that you accept cookies and have JavaScript enabled. However, even without any of this, you should still be able to issue normal searches -- they just won't be saved.

Q: How can I form complex queries?
A: Read GOTO's help at