Ham Links

Where I buy parts - Various places

A great magazine for builders - Nuts & Volts

KitParts - Hard to find parts from N3LLL.

HobbyTron Kits - Interesting kits (xmit/rcv, antennas, packet, etc.)

Electronic QSLs - Nice and mostly free

An HF receiver on the web (too cool) - Listen to HF online (I hear there is another one of these somewhere, anyone know where?)

Track satellites - Track satellites with nothing more than a Web browser. If you have a rig that can work 10m and 15m (like all the modern HF rigs) you can work the RS satellites on their next pass! Currently not working :-( 

Another satellite tracking page - Another tracker courtesy of NASA.

Web-based DX cluster (try it!) - Find out who's working the DX and where it is

Yahoo's Ham Radio Links - Yahoo!

The local ham radio club, CLARC - The very energetic CLARC club 

Another great projects page - My favorite page of things I mean to get around to building

A very well done digital communications page (RTTY, PACTOR, etc.) - Ran across this one the other day

Lots of homebrew projects (lots)

Free Spice - From Linear Technology. Nice!