Table of Contents for the book Basic Stamp by Kuhnel and Zahnert

bulletIntroduction to Microcontrollers - Basic background info
bulletHardware Base of BASIC Stamp I and II - Information about PICs, ports, and timers
bulletBASIC Stamp - A look at the BSI and II
bulletBasic Stamp Development System - What you need to program a Stamp
bulletPBASIC for BASIC Stamp I and BASIC Stamp II - A look at PBASIC including details on BUTTON, SOUND, PWM, and POT
bulletOn the Way to Application: The Practical Use of BASIC Stamp - A chapter of practical tips
bulletBASIC Stamp Applications - Here's the meaty chapter!
bulletRS232 between Stamp and PC (BS1)
bulletCommunicating between Stamps (BS1)
bulletBASIC Stamp network
bulletLong distance communications
bulletRemote alarm message with modem (BS2)
bulletConnecting a keypad (BS1)
bulletUsing NSPs (a tuneable filter; BS1)
bulletControl of digital displays
bulletManagement of time information
bulletUsing I2C to expand I/O
bulletD/A with WM8016 (BS1)
bulletRadar motion sensing (BS1)
bulletDistance measurement with IR triangulation (BS1)
bulletScale based on frequency output (BS2)
bulletGenerate and recognize DTMF (BS2)
bulletLight measurement with TSL230 (BS1)
bulletReading from a phone card (BS2)
bulletHome automation with X10 (BS2)

There are also several minor appendices.

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